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Route Map

For minors parents must give a consent for their participation


Route Map

Age 8 years or older on the event day


Route Map

Age 15 years or older on the event day


Route Map

Age 18 years or older on the event day

About Event

Green Kanha Run

The Event Green Kanha Run is unlike any other experience. Here you’ll be running in the lap of nature, surrounded by greens and through a loop that would take you along a beautiful lake. Not only does the marathon cover natural terrain, but the entire event shows a deep respect for nature.

The race is scheduled on Sunday 26 February, 2023, featuring 2k Family Run, 5k, 10k timed run and 21k timed run. Be a part of this magical running experience in the most magical place, the largest meditation center in the world and nurture oneness with self and with Mother Nature.

Forests By Heartfulness

In an age where we are talking about climate change and carbon footprints, Green Kanha Run would be the most thoughtful climate conscious run possible and all its proceeds will go to Forests by Heartfulness, an initiative of Heartfulness institution, to nurture, protect and conserve nature, endemic and endangered trees species of India.

The key goals of the Initiative are:

  • Planting 30 million trees across India over the next 5 years
  • Ensuring 80 native, endemic and endangered species planted across the chosen locations.
  • Ensuring livelihood support for 10000 farmers, indigenous communities, and micro-entrepreneurs.

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Note – This event is organized and conducted by Utsara Sports Private Limited. All proceeds will go towards Forests by Heartfulness.